The points, from all tricks chained together in a single jump, are added together, and then multiplied by the number of tricks performed. You are only awarded the points if you successfully land the jump.

Trick Method Points
Backflip Tap and hold anywhere 10
Proximity Backflip Perform a backflip where your head passes close (8m) to the ground 300
Double Backflip Hold for longer 60
Triple Backflip Hold for even longer 200
Quad Backflip Pure luck or Double Backflip + Rock Bounce + Double Backflip 600 or 650
Rock Bounce Land on a rock 80
Fire stomp Land on a campfire 150
Ramp Kicker Jump from a wooden ramp 20
Bunting Grind Land on a line of bunting 10/m
Roof Grind Land on a roof 10/m
Grind Bonus Grind for 60 meters without leaving the rail or the roof 300
Kiss The Rail Land on a rail or roof within the last two meters 250?
Chasm Jump Cross a chasm without falling in 50
Wingsuit Purchase the wingsuit from the workshop

Build up enough speed (before your jump)

Deploy your wingsuit by tapping the wingsuit icon

Proximity Wingsuit Fly close to the ground (8m) close to the ground

This item will not show up in the multiplier list

Loop Have your wingsuit deployed

Have enough airspeed

Tap and hold until you go over

Thread The Needle Fly beneath an arch with the wingsuit

Arches support bunting lines (not all bunting supports are arches)


The following are non-chainable tricks:

Trick Method Points
Rock Smash Use a boost to smash through a rock 50
Fire Smash Use a boost to smash through a campfire 100
Ice Slide Snowboard on a piece of ice 10
Elder Woken Wake an elder by passing by his tipi 200
Escape An Elder Escape from a chasing elder by crossing a chasm 800
Sunrise See the sun rise 1000