Powerups are things that appear on the mountain and can grant special abilities to you. There are currently 5 powerups in the game, being the Magnet, the Feather, the Helmet, the Chasm Rescue, and the Llama Horn. The Magnet, Feather, and Llama Horn are all purchaseable and have upgrades to their abilities. However, the Helmet and Chasm Rescue are one-time use items and are consumable.

The magnet draws all coins in a radius to you, and its duration can be upgraded 5 times.

The feather allows you to hover over the ground, avoiding rocks and slightly increasing jump height. It also has 5 upgrades, increasing in duration.

The horn sends a stampede of llamas that you can run by, and the more you upgrade it, the more llamas appear.

The helmet and chasm rescue save you from hitting the ground while not on your feet and from falling into the chasms, respectively.